Learn Chess the easy way in this double sided game!

Learn to play the world’s favorite board game in ten minutes. Now you’re ready to flip the board over and play a traditional game of chess like never before! Comes with complete chess game, quick chess game, quick reference mat to place under the game board, and rules with 10 levels of play.
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Want to Improve Your Chess Skills?

Enjoy access to some of the best chess professionals and resources. I’ve assembled a list I believe will be helpful to our new QuickChess Masters after playing all the games in your QuickChess game-box. You’ll have lots of fun mastering your new chess skills!

Firefighter Joe Miccio
QuickChess inventor

Free Instructional Videos by Chess Master Andrea Botaz

Alexandra Botez is an International Chess Federation (FIDE) master, commentator, and streaming superstar. She’s the creator of BotezLive, one of the most popular chess channels on Twitch and YouTube. Here’s a helpful one for beginners:

Free Gotham Chess Videos by International Chess Master Levy Rozman

Levy Rozman is the founder of Gotham Chess, the most-subscribed chess channel on YouTube, with many excellent free instructional videos for various player levels. These two are very helpful for beginners:

Free On-Line Chess by CHESS.com

The world’s #1 on-line chess site (and free app) for playing and learning at all levels. Join free and play your friends, challenge people from all over the world, play against a computer at your skill level, receive free lessons, solve chess puzzles, and much more. Chess.com also offers a premium option. Or check out ChessKid, which is Chess.com’s dedicated site just for kids.

Free Beginner Tools by QuickChess Inventor Joe Miccio:

Chess Organizations:

Special Thanks from QuickChess Inventor Firefighter Joe Miccio

“I am forever grateful to David MacEnulty, Bruce Pandolfini, and Susan Polgar for all their support over the years. They are amazing people, wonderful role models, and great chess coaches and players. I’ve listed some of their renowned publications below so you can learn from them too!”

Books by National Chess Master Bruce Pandolfini

Make the first move with National Master Bruce Pandolfini—America’s foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit—in these accessible guides for beginning chess players. These are just a few:

Books by David MacEnulty

David MacEnulty is a multi-award-winning educator and most respected elementary school chess teacher and coach. Author of The Chess Kid’s Book series and more.

Books by 4-Time Woman’s World Chess Champion Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar is a world class chess trainer, collegiate championship chess coach, and founder of the Susan Polgar Chess Foundation. Winner of the U.S. National College Chess Coach of the Year award, and also the Chess Trainer of the Year award by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).